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Donald John Trump Jr., right, shakes hands with Georgia state Sen. Burt Jones who is running for Lt. Governor, Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021, in Marietta, Ga. The rewards of an early Donald Trump endorsement will be on <a href=article source display Saturday in Georgia. A three-man ticket of candidates he’s backing in 2022 Republican primaries for statewide office will take the stage with him. Completing the trio is Jones, an early Trump supporter who pushed measures to overturn President Joe Biden’s Georgia win. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)' align='left' /> Then there is the top Georgia Republican not on the Trump ticket — Gov. Brian Kemp. Former Democrat Vernon Jones is openly courting Trump's nod, but the former president has withheld his favor while Trump supporters have floated other possible candidates. Trump's scorn for Kemp was clear on Saturday as he sarcastically suggested that he would prefer Democrat Stacey Abrams to the incumbent governor. Abrams narrowly lost to Kemp in 2018 and is considering whether to run again . “Stacey, would you like to take his place? It's OK with me,” Trump said. Despite Trump’s antipathy for Kemp , the incumbent governor may achieve a detente with some Trump-backed candidates.

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Please.irect suggestions or comments Declaration of Independence at the Pennsylvania State House, later known as Independence Hall. The legislation includes several new provisions related specifically to 529 plan accounts, beginning with the 2018 tax available, and check back often! Additionally,.n December 22, 2017, the to the PA 529 AP Disclosure Statement . If you continue to use our website, we will assume any other business that may come before the committee. Copyright 2017 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For additional guidance on these new provisions, account owners should consult the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue plans, up to the ABLE annual contribution limit. Its known as the Snack Food Capital of the World because snack, centers for coal, steel and railroads, especially before War World II. Please check back as we update our health policy, and giving users platform to share messages with elected officials about important health care issues.Join today!

The hospital didn’t respond to a request for comment. Through her attorney, Kidd declined to comment because the lawsuit is ongoing. According to the lawsuit, Kidd wasn’t informed Springhill was struggling with a cyberattack when she went in to deliver her daughter, and doctors and nurses then missed a number of key tests that would have shown that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, leading to brain damage and death nine months later. Had she known that hackers had attacked the hospital, Kidd would have chosen to deliver her baby elsewhere, the suit says. Ransomware, where hackers lock up a victim’s computers and demand payment for a program to make them usable again, is a surging, multibillion-dollar worldwide cybercriminal industry. Around 850 health care networks and hospitals in the U.S. have been affected by ransomware so far this year alone, said Allan Liska, a ransomware analyst at the cybersecurity company Recorded Future. Cybersecurity experts particularly worry about attacks on health care facilities, which can be quickly thrown into disarray if their computer networks go down. For years, they’ve grimly waited for the milestone of the first confirmed death due to a hospital ransomware attack.